Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogs on Veganic Gardening

During the past couple of weeks I have found a few more blogs on veganic gardening while searching, browsing, and being generally nosy on the Internet. I usually do a search on the keyword “veganic” (or variations of such, like “veganic gardening”) each week in the hope of finding more information on the subject. Here are some blogs that I have encountered:

Austin Vegan Gardener

grow peace and dance in the garden

We Don’t Dig It, Man

2010 Gardening
Table Scraps

Note: I don’t know what’s up with the comments function on this blog, but it’s not working (I'm not able to receive comments). I doubt anyone has left a comment, since this blog is relatively new and unknown. But if anyone out there did attempt to submit a comment, I sincerely apologize that it did not get posted. I’m working on this problem (which is probably caused by my own deficient blog skills), and I should have it sorted out soon. In the meantime, feel free to email me if you want at, which I usually check every day or so.

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